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Cherokee County Development Board Partners in the promotion of new and expanding business and industries

Super Gold Partners

Gaffney Board of Public Works
210 East Frederick Street
PO Box 64
Gaffney, SC 29342
Donnie Hardin: (864) 488-8800
[email protected]

The Board of Public Works provides electricity, water, and wastewater services to the city of Gaffney and surrounding areas of Cherokee County. It is a public utility dedicated to a partnership with local citizens and area businesses and industries.
With local ownership, reliable service, and competitive rates for electricity, water, and wastewater services, the Board of Public Works can meet the needs of both the large and small utility users.

Please contact General Manager Donnie Hardin for additional information about all of the ways in which the Gaffney Board of Public Works can help you meet your goals.

Upstate Carolina Medical Center
1530 North Limestone Street
Gaffney, SC 29340
Joe Howell: (864) 487-4271

Upstate Carolina Medical Center is Cherokee County’s hometown hospital, providing quality healthcare with one-on-one compassion. Owned by Health Management Associates of Florida, Upstate Carolina has been the community’s primary source of healthcare for the past 12 years, when the county sold the hospital to private business. The hospital offers a wide range of services, including Occupational Medicine, a Women’s Center, acute care, outpatient surgery, EMS, 24-hour emergency department, laboratory, and radiology. In 2001, the hospital changed its logo and adopted a new mission statement. The blue and gray logo incorporates a “swoosh”, creating a strong graphic message of never-ending slef-improvement. The hospital’s new mission is “A Higher Medical Standard.”

Gold Star Partners

Broad River Electric Cooperative, Inc.
811 Hamrick Street
PO Box 2269
Gaffney, SC 29342
J. Richard Baines: (864) 489-5737

Broad River Electric Cooperative has provided electrical service to Cherokee, Newberry, Spartanburg, and Union counties in South Carolina and Cleveland, Polk, and Rutherford counties in North Carolina since 1940. A Touchstone Energy Partner owned by those it serves, Broad River Electric is committed to providing quality service at competitive rates.

Broad River Electric serves a diversified base of commercial, industrial, and residential customers through its $42,000,000 plant including over 2,260 miles of distribution power lines, and is prepared to meet tomorrow’s electrical needs.

Cherokee County Development Board
225 South Limestone Street
Gaffney, SC 29340